During the quarter in D.C., all students pay UCI registration fees to maintain their UCI student status, and earn 12-16 units for the quarter. Participants must be enrolled on a full-time basis (12 units), must take two Required courses, and can choose to take one Optional course.


1. UCDC SEMINAR (UCDC 180; 4 units; Letter grade only). All students are required to take one Seminar course, and there are typically 5-6 Seminars to choose from. Seminars are typically taught 1 day a week for 3 hours.

CLICK HERE for Seminar course descriptions

2. UCDC INTERNSHIP (UCDC 170; 4, 6, or 8 units; P/NP). Students decide how many hours per week they want to intern, depending on how many units they need and their internship site requires. UCDC program hour requirements are as follows:

Number of Units

Number of Hours Per Week


CLICK HERE for more information on Internships


3. UCDC ELECTIVE (UCDC 190; 4 units; Letter Grade or P/NP). A few upper-division elective courses are offered each quarter, taught by faculty from different UC campuses and the D.C. area. Students have the option to enroll in one elective course. Electives are typically taught 1 day a week for 3 hours.

CLICK HERE for Elective course descriptions

4. UCI ONLINE COURSE  It is possible to take 1 UCI online course concurrently with UCDC if you would like to fulfill more UCI degree requirements. This is only recommended if you are NOT taking a UCDC Elective course, or if you are choosing to intern fewer hours per week (for example, 24 instead of 32 hours per week). If the UCI course is offered on a synchronous basis, you will need to ensure that the course times to do not conflict with either your internship hours or UCDC Seminar course time.


  • It is possible for all Seminar and Elective courses except the Washington Focus Seminar to fulfill UCI degree requirements. Consult with the Academic Counselor in the School of your major to determine if a particular course is appropriate to fulfill a degree requirement. You will need to provide the course description and/or syllabus to make this determination.
  • The internship can fulfill the following requirements: Social Ecology Field Study, Public Health Practicum, Social Policy & Public Service Internship, Civic & Community Engagement Minor Internship, and International Studies International Experience (if the internship has an international focus).

NOTE: We also offer a Fall Semester option. Students selected for this semester option will do their academic course work in the same time frame as the quarter students, but will intern for a total of 12-14 weeks. The semester option is currently only being offered in the Fall, although students can create their own Spring semester option by participating in both winter and spring quarters.


Participants will enroll in classes at both the UC Washington Center and UCI, as follows:

1) UC Washington Center Enrollment. Enroll in only the Seminar and Elective (optional) courses via this link. Participants will be provided with more details before it is time to enroll with the Washington Center.

2) UCI Enrollment via WebReg. Enroll in all UCDC courses via WebReg and pay normal registration fees to UCI. Participants will be provided with the UCDC course codes before the conclusion of the enrollment period.